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Our Company

Our Company

At present, Sander Resources is the only consulting firm assisting operators with
issue management from advocacy and policy development to compliance program implementation, as well as communications development and management.

Our clients—ranging from integrated and independent exploration and production companies; intra and interstate pipeline operators; and industry associations and policy-based organizations—rely on our first-hand knowledge of the issues facing the pipeline and production industries, including various stakeholder groups, the impacts of recent incidents, pending projects, as well as state and federal regulatory initiatives.  

To date, we have assisted more than 40 companies with the development and execution of RP 1162 public awareness campaigns and related effectiveness evaluations; damage prevention programs; DOT regulatory compliance issues and risk analysis; and policy development process at all levels of government. 

Sander Resources has established relationships with industry and stakeholder associations at the state and national level.  These groups provide a competitive advantage in tracking and influencing issues of importance to our clients, and the industry as a whole. 

Our experience further assists with the adoption of policy initiatives within regulatory agencies and its implementation by companies who must meet the requirements.