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Diana Strickland
Project Coordinator

As a native Texan, Diana Strickland was very familiar with the oil and gas world long before joining Sander Resources. Growing up in nearby Spring, she watched her hometown transition from a rural farm community to a sprawling Houston suburb due to the influx of oil industry transfers. Diana is quick to point out that it was normal “to grow up always being aware of the current market price for a barrel of crude oil.”

Professionally, Diana started working in the Savings and Loan industry serving as legal liaison with both in-house and outside counsel regarding titles, liens and legal issues, including foreclosures and assisting in corporate lawsuits. Being employed during the failure of the industry as a whole, and then being placed under the umbrella of government managed entities, Diana gained valuable experience with quickly-changing governmental legislation and monitoring.

Diana then worked as a legal assistant in a law practice specializing in civil, real estate and contract law. A large portion of the clientele was small to mid-size business owners, offering broad insights into the struggles of a business to thrive when confronted with what can seem an overwhelming legal system.

Before joining Sander Resources in June 2014, Diana co-owned and managed a residential and light commercial construction and restoration services company for 17 years. As she was developing skills in project management, including bid estimation, timelines and budgeting, her background in contract negotiations and lien research continued to be useful. She also became quite familiar with code and compliance – especially pertaining to building codes and experience maneuvering within various levels of government. In terms of permitting, variances and inspections, Diana completed certification courses in fire and water restoration, and the company developed an expertise working with the insurance industry to file claims for fire and flood damage to residential and small commercial businesses.

An adept researcher and keen analytical mind, Diana’s background and fine attention to detail is called upon daily for assistance with a variety of client projects.

A resident of Kingwood, Texas, Strickland has two children - a daughter in college and a son in high school who plays select baseball and football. If she isn’t out at the field catching a game, Diana can either be found saltwater fishing or out enjoying the beach.